"It happens here."

discover hankinson

WELCOME​ to the friendly community of Hankinson, North Dakota!  Hankinson is a vital, community-minded town located 60 miles south of Fargo, North Dakota, near the junction of Interstate 29 and Highway 11.  

Hankinson is a rural community with farming being a large part of our economy. Corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, barley, and potatoes are common small grains grown in the area. Livestock is another important asset for the area farmers.  Economic development is also very active in our community. 

We are a "City on the Grow" because we care enough to make things happen in our community! 

The community boasts an attractive business climate and is home to over 90 businesses.  Several new buildings line main street, including a bank, pharmacy, and grocery store.  Our community has many active organizations including Commercial Club, Community Development Corporation, Industrial Board, American Legion Post, Volunteer Fire Department, and Volunteer Ambulance Service.

Six churches provide worship and social organizations for our community’s youth and adults.  Visitors are always welcome!

Our community always welcomes new businesses and people. The Hankinson community looks forward to meeting you and possibly working with you in the future!